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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything we make in our Sunline and Eureka Range is dust and water resistant and so the Sunline Pennants are splash proof but we do not recommend immersion such as in a bath or swimming pool etc, as these uses are not covered by warranty. Remember that one enemy of gold is chlorine and that is found in pools.

The Natural Oils include that of Carrot, Cucumber Seed, Evening Primrose, Rose, Pomegranate, Geranium, Honey Bee Propolis, Omega Oil 6 and 7, Vitamin A, E, B1 and C, Aloe Vera and other oils, blended in a secret recipe at The Gold Makers of Australia’s factory in Melbourne.

Essentially, it is a natural anti-microbial agent used by the honey bee to keep its hive sterile and and clean, and usually is in the form of a resin that the good bee manufactures for this purpose.

If you want to know more about this amazing natural bee product, please check the many on-line sources.

One scientific article show the many attributes of different geographical attributes of Propolis and may well be a good place to visit,

Currently we sell lockets and pendants made with three different types of precious metal inside: Gold, Silver and Palladium. These are real actual metals and are not plated or fake in any way, and the gems are real, natural gems and our diamonds are conflict free diamonds in the top category of their class.

The base metal that makes up the border/frame is a proprietary stainless metal, highly polished metal (and plated with pure gold if you chose a Gold Tone Pendant, which has been especially plated using modern nano technology for a bright shiny and a hardened finish). The Sunline Pendant and Eureka Locket range is designed NOT to ever tarnish under normal everyday wear.