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Always make sure you have non-slip mats or similar when using on slippery or hard surfaces, and never place any sealed unit on or near a heater or heat source, as pressure may build up inside a vessel and explode rupture or shatter without warning

Also, in case you are one of the few that may have a sensitivity to this or any similar product, test on a small area of your skin to make sure that it is ok for you, and if any reaction occurs discontinue use and consult your physician

As with any aromatic product, Use in a reasonably well ventilated space and apply only externally and as directed.

No. The Gold Makers of Australia never have nor will we ever test its products on animals. And GMA Products Store and its staff do NOT believe in this and our internal operations policy prohibits this from our inventory of Beauty Products.

No, most definitely not. It is a soap, and you need to wet hands and face, lather, and after washing with it, rinse hands  and face thoroughly with clear clean water so that no more soap is left on your skin.

Yes, that is correct. For some of the high-end products, we guarantee the product's gold because only real gold is used, and we guarantee that it will not tarnish or change colour for 25 years. In fact, gold has been recovered after it has been in the ground for millions of years, and it still maintained its “golden colour” because that’s what’s so special about gold, and that’s why stock The Gold Makers of Australia products in our store, because they are the best in the business .

No. Actually it's not really black, but very very dark brown specks, and these specks are some of the bits of propolis that we add. The Gold Makers of Australia produces our soaps under extremely hygienic conditions and have exceptional Quality Control over ALL of its Australian products.

Yes, the Sunline Pendant and Eureka Lockets are unique, and so are the Sunline and Eureka Pens. Currently we are the only ones in the world that are selling these beautiful creations that we are aware of that are designed and fabricated in Australia, in the same quality grade and composition of the gems that we use, the method of mounting and sealing as well as the types and quality of precious metal. In fact, currently you cannot find any Locket or Pendant that’s filled with Palladium like the creations that we sell, anywhere in the world.

Yes it is, and is more gentle than normal soap, both for hands and face and we only use this soap bar here in our office! It is a luxury+ Beauty Bar, suitable for almost all skin types, but it does contain trace amounts of vitamins and minerals and includes Vitamin E. So if you are allergic to any of these then consider avoiding the use of it. If in doubt, try and discontinue use if you have any allergic reactions, because it would be impossible to test for and on everybody.

Essentially, it is a natural anti-microbial agent used by the honey bee to keep its hive sterile and and clean, and usually is in the form of a resin that the good bee manufactures for this purpose.

If you want to know more about this amazing natural bee product, please check the many on-line sources.

One scientific article show the many attributes of different geographical attributes of Propolis and may well be a good place to visit,

The Natural Oils include that of Carrot, Cucumber Seed, Evening Primrose, Rose, Pomegranate, Geranium, Honey Bee Propolis, Omega Oil 6 and 7, Vitamin A, E, B1 and C, Aloe Vera and other oils, blended in a secret recipe at The Gold Makers of Australia’s factory in Melbourne.

Almost exactly the same; there will be small variations in tone and spark, since each gem is unique. We do our best to use pictures that truly represent what the customer will be getting in the mail.

The Sunline Beauty Bar & Soap range including the Gold Nugget Shaped Bar and Quatro and Dew Drop Prima Body Bath Beaty Oil collection

please note these names and brands are registered/trade marks ®™

Each of the soaps is Hand Made and Individually Cast at The Gold Makers of Australia's Melbourne Factory, using only 100% natural Botanicals and the best of English glycerine base, with only real gold and real fragrance and ZERO synthetics (no artificial color or aromas or preservatives).